George and Mary Lue Mueller's Family

A city boy and a dairy farmer’s daughter came together in 1957 and started farming Willow Bend Farm. George bought the farm land that rounds the bend near the willows of the Canandaigua Outlet from his Uncle Norval Budd. Over the past 50+ years the dairy farm has grown simultaneously as their family grew. George and Mary Lue raised five children in the country air. With this background, all children have developed a love for the land, the great outdoors and/or farming in their own way. Their middle son, John, manages both farms, with the guidance of George and the other operating partners. Their daughters (Ann and Sara), Mary Lue, and John’s wife (Sally), take on a plethora of administrative tasks. Their oldest son, Jeff, has a crop farm of 1000 acres in Missouri. Their youngest son, Steve, has a “hobby” farm where he has land, grows fruit, harvests honey and raises small animals, in Eastern N.Y. Yet, essentially, it is Mary Lue who is still “the glue” that holds the whole operation, and the family, together. And it is George who still enjoys, more than anyone, any opportunity to work in the fields. George and Mary Lue are now blessed with 13 grandchildren. It’ll be interesting to see how many of the grandchildren will also develop that love for the land, outdoors and farming!