Delicous Milk

There’s nothing better than an ice cold glass of milk with your cookies! We, at Willow Bend Farm, Spring Hope Dairy and Bonna Terra Farm,  love our refreshing milk and chewy cookies as much as anyone. So, we make sure our milk is the best quality it can be. Month after month, we receive “quality bonuses” from our local Upstate-Niagara Milk Co-Op. Year after year, we receive “Dairy of Distinction” awards. These awards have become commonplace for us due to the many steps that are taken daily at the farms and beyond. A structured routine, processes and repeated testing assures that the cleanest, safest methods are used; and only the most delicious and wholesome milk makes it to your table…and ours…for our favorite afternoon snack!


Every day our natural, wholesome, milk is shipped to Upstate to be pasteurized and bottled so it is available for you at your schools, stores and restaurants.

MILK – A Delicious Powerhouse of Nutrition

A Good Gallon Gives:

1 Gallon of milk = 8.3 pounds of milk

1 Gallon of milk = .87 Gallons of water

1 Gallon of milk = 16 glasses of milk

1 Gallon of milk = 1/10th of what 1 cow can produce in a day

1 Gallon of whole milk = 1 pound of cheese