John Davies

For John Davies, it all started with returning that message in a bottle that was found while stomping through a wooded creek, to Steve Mueller in 1977. It was the start of spending his days getting into mischief with the neighbors down the road and helping their mom, Mary Lue Mueller, with her lawn chores. As John got a little older, George Mueller, the founder of Willow Bend Farm, began offering him opportunities on the dairy farm. John is still contributing and making a difference at both dairy farms.

In 2003, John Davies became a partner of the business. Soon after, he became herdsman, then general manager, at Spring Hope Dairy. In this role, which has grown over the years, he oversees all the day-to-day operations at the farm. Currently, that means managing 15 people and 1900 cows. John always makes decisions with the best treatment for the animals in mind. His management style is firm, but patient, with an eagerness to teach others, the way he had been taught.

“I love the atmosphere and the relationships that have grown over the years.”

John Davies

Over the past 3+ decades, John has worked tirelessly, while enjoying his job.  He enjoys taking care of dairy animals while producing milk products that the local community consumes. When John Davies talks about his work, he says, “It is challenging and very rewarding on a daily basis. At the end of each day, you feel good about being part of a team that wants to be successful.”

During his tenure at Willow Bend Farm, John D. attributes his success to having some great mentors: George Mueller, Rodney Brown, Art Sherman, and John Mueller. Along with mentors, John has had the opportunity to go to Mexico, California, and Florida on agriculture related trips. The combination of these has increased his knowledge base and enabled him to apply what he has learned at Spring Hope Dairy. This is what John likes about working at Willow Bend Farm and Spring Hope Dairy. It is a business that helps its people grow as it grows.

Who would’ve guessed where finding a message in a bottle would take you? John Davies was eight years old then. It was just the start of his relationship with the Mueller family that continues today. Recently John Davies said, “I never thought I would be here this long. I enjoyed the time of being a young boy working on Willow Bend Farm, to becoming a grown man and partner with this farm. I still think of everyone as family and respect everyone.”