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Home Farm Willow Bend Farm

George and Mary Lue Mueller started dairy farming in 1960.  The farm named Willow Bend Farm, started as a large dairy for the time, a whole 80 cow herd. Over time and with the construction of new and better barns and a milking parlor, the herd continued to gradually grow. The people who cared for the cows and land also continued to grow throughout the years. At first, it was just the Mueller children and a few select employees, one of whom was a neighbor boy named John Davis.

WBF Family 1994 001
Willow Bend Farm Christmas Party 1993

John Davies started working in the late 1970’s. Now he is a partner, extremely valuable manager, and herdsman.  Eventually, more and more good people were needed to keep up with the needs of the expanding farm. By 2003, Willow Bend Farm grew to become a dairy farm that milked 1200 cows with 1000 young stock.  That was a far cry from the original 80 head!

It was at this time that the Mueller family farm formed a partnership with the Nedrow family farm to establish a satellite dairy.  Kevin and Barb Nedrow had excellent land and a worn out “tie stall” dairy barn.  They were looking for a way to move into a modern milking parlor, free-stall barn, and bunker silo style facility. At the same time, the Muellers were looking  to expand.  The Nedrow-Mueller partnership was the answer.

Forming the new partnership in 2003

So, in 2003, the two families owned Willow Bend Farm in Manchester and satellite Spring Hope Dairy in Hopewell, New York  (both under the Willow Bend Farm LLC).  This is also when John Davies became a partner and began managing the dairy side of the new Hopewell farm.  The operating partners worked hard, and with the help of a large staff of loyal and highly skilled workers, milked 1150 cows at Willow Bend and 1950 cows at Spring Hope for a total of over 3000 milking cows on the two farms.

By stressing cow comfort and providing the most nutritious feed we can raise, and gentle handling, we proudly produce award winning quality milk 3x per day, 365 days per year. “ It has been a good run!”  said George Mueller.

Spring Hope Dairy

Then comes 2016. The families were starting to throw around a variety of ideas for ways to grow and improve so the partners began looking again for opportunities.  Enter Walt and Meg Huff of Bonna Terra Farm in Bloomfield, NY.  The Huff family had been farming in Bloomfield since 1956 and were looking to retire.  On March 23, 2016, Bonna Terra Farm became a 3rd sister dairy farm under Willow Bend Farm, LLC.

John Mueller stated: “If I had to sum up why we bought Bonna Terra it is because of the opportunity. It is now one of three of the partnering Willow Bend Farms.  We bought the farm because Walt and Meg Huff were looking to ease into retirement and Willow Bend was looking for more opportunities.  We are now milking 3800 and we have 3300 calves and we have 65 employees. Even though it needs some work,  it is a good farm.”

Bonna Terra grain bins and rainbow October 2014

Bonna Terra Farm


Bonna Terra Farms, Spring Hope Dairy, and Willow Bend Farm  are  family dairy farms.  

Our families have been key to our operation over the decades.

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Our Mission:  “Striving for excellence in producing large quantities of high quality milk and to be among the best in care of our animals, our land and our people.”