Our Bristol Black Raspberry plants are loaded with oodles of berries just waiting on Mother Nature to help them finish their ripening. Please continue checking back for updates on when the harvest season starts for U-Pick at The Milk Pail.

Our story

Welcome to our farms! George and Mary Lue Mueller started Willow Bend Farm in 1960 with a small herd of 80 Holsteins, then later added our sister dairies: Spring Hope & Bonna Terra.  We employ 75 men and women to help care for our land, 3,800 cows, and 3,200 young stock. We simultaneously nurture our young and mature producers of premium wholesome milk, while also producing their feed on our 8000 acres of land. Together we produce  30,000 gallons – over 480,000 glasses of milk –  each and every day! Our commitment, across our farms, is to farm responsibly. Taking care of our land and animals are our first priorities in order to continue to provide the highest quality milk. We endeavor to help meet the local and worldwide demand for the essential nourishment that cow’s milk provides. We are proud to be a thriving business in our community with growing employment and career opportunities.


“Together we produce over
480,000 glasses of milk every day.”

George Mueller

In our care

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The three farm families


It all started with....

the land that rounds the bend, near the willows of the Canandaigua Outlet.


A family quote

``I'm going to keep farming until I retire, then I'm going to farm some more.``


Hard working

``I enjoyed the time of being a young boy working On Willow Bend Farm to becoming a grown man and partner with this farm.'